Mimitchi ꒰⌯͒•̩̩̩́ ˑ̫ •̩̩̩̀⌯͒꒱

Omg awww !

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rensaki-deactivated20140718 said: I would like to know if you're still selling the Purple 15th Anniversary iDL for 75$ and how much do you ask for shipping to Portugal :3

Without tracking it will be about 22$ USD. With tracking it will be around 45 USD. x.x

Shipping internationally is very expensive with Canada Post.

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OMG I love these! Can’t wait for them to go up in your shop. c:

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pepsigotchi-deactivated20140310 said: How much are you selling your devilgotchi for?

(It won’t let me answer privately)

I’m looking for 350$

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Above are only a FEW of the many Tamagotchis I’m selling. I take extremely good care of ALL of my collection. They are all in excellent condition.

Take a look and see if there’s anything you’re interested in:

PLEASE NOTE: All prices are USD and shipping is NOT included in these prices. I will be glad to ship world wide but understand that it is your responsibility to cover that cost.

PM me with any questions and interest.


I’ve decided to sell off the bulk of my collection. I’m keeping my Vintages and a couple P’s but everything else is fair game.

WITH Package:
Yellow Vines Morino : 45$
Japanese Ocean “Puddles” pattern: 75$
White Santaclautch: 150$
"Argos" Limited Edition Music Star (TENTATIVE): Taking offers
Pink Angelgotchi: 45$
Lime Green +Color: 90$
Purple 15th Anniversary iDL: 75$
White P’s: 50$
Pink P’s: 50$

WITHOUT Package:
All White Akai: 30$
Green “Frog” Uratama: 30$
Japanese Pale Pink Plus: 35$
Pink Japanese iD L : 50$
Green Tama Walkie: 60$
White “Town” JPN Familitchi: 45$
Black “Ninja” EUR Familitchi: 40$
Black Flames Music Star: 25$
Pink Stars Music Star: 25$

Pictures Available upon request.
+ Shipping. I will ship worldwide at buyer’s request but understand that shipping costs will be your responsibility. PM me to discuss shipping.

PM with any questions/interest.

Fashion Fridays - January 10, 2014

If you’re wondering what happened to these, I lost my SD card reader about a month ago. (whoops) On the bright side, I’ve got a ton of designs backlogged. Today’s choice is a Derek Lam dress paired with bandeaux top and bottom and a Michael Kors belt from the November Issue of Vogue.

Derek Lam:

Michael Kors Belt: $495 @

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Anonymous said: Yeah. Lets give credit for putting some pixels together in a certain way. Totally worth not being able to easily change it. *sarcasm*. It's not a big deal, boo hoo some artists feel left out. Maybe they should care about more important things than someone saying that a brick pattern is theirs. -__-



you’re wrong i’m sorry but you’re wrong

If it were that easy you’d just make your own rather than copying someone else’s ;)

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The next hatch is going to be a Japanese Connections hatch!



The hatch will start on 10th January (Friday), I think that weekend is best to start running a Tama. ;)
Please reblog with the name of the Tamagotchi you are going to run. ;)
~ Carol

I’ll start either an Uratama or Akai. I’m totally fallen for color pixels (^ω^)

Oooooo can I join? I’ll either run my Oden Kun or my UraTama. Or maybe even my Japanese Plus?

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So I have twitter now…

Follow me on over there for more shenanigans….

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