rensaki-deactivated20140718 said: I would like to know if you're still selling the Purple 15th Anniversary iDL for 75$ and how much do you ask for shipping to Portugal :3

Without tracking it will be about 22$ USD. With tracking it will be around 45 USD. x.x

Shipping internationally is very expensive with Canada Post.

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pepsigotchi-deactivated20140310 said: How much are you selling your devilgotchi for?

(It won’t let me answer privately)

I’m looking for 350$

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Fashion Fridays - January 10, 2014

If you’re wondering what happened to these, I lost my SD card reader about a month ago. (whoops) On the bright side, I’ve got a ton of designs backlogged. Today’s choice is a Derek Lam dress paired with bandeaux top and bottom and a Michael Kors belt from the November Issue of Vogue.

Derek Lam:

Michael Kors Belt: $495 @

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Bea’s Brother Plays Pokemon X (Part 3)

"Look at Snorlax’s skills."
"Man, I need better skills on Charizard."

"Where can I find more skills?"


Bea’s Brother Plays Pokemon X (Part 2)

One of his Pokemon just randomly got Pokerus. 

Also he’s raising a Dunsparce.

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Bea’s Brother Plays Pokemon X

So my brother who hasn’t played Pokemon since Gold and Silver decided he wanted to pick up Pokemon X. (His friend is playing and he wants to beat him)

Bro: So like, how do I know which Pokemon are good?

Bea: idk. Just pick ones you think are cool.

-5 mins later-

Bro: Aww Zigzagoon! I want one. Are they good?

Bea: No.

Bro: WOAH. PANSAGE. Getting one.

Bea: …. why don’t I just play for you?

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December 7
Mister Tortimer visits the woods to find a Christmas tree. Mimitchi helps him find a nice one.

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December 5: Santaclautchi takes advantage of the freshly fallen snow to grab his board and hit the slopes.

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Deep in the northern woods there is a little cottage. Some say the Santaclautch lives here, coming out only in December to bring toys to young Tamagotchis. I wonder if we’ll see him this year…

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It seems X and Y take place before Black and White 2. Maybe in the 3 year gap between b&w and b&w2?